Tivimate,system picker and android 12

i did a search and couldn’t find an answer…it seems system picker inside of tivimate will only work up to OS system android 10?
is system picker not available for tivimate after it’s installed on anything android 11 or higher?
seems to me that’s the case after playing with several of my boxes from android 9 to 12.
android 10 and below have system picker in tivimate but no sys picker on tivimate installed on android 11 and higher?
that sucks as far as recording on the higher os as you can’t pick the directory for your files to be saved?
am i the only one?
thx for you guy’s thought’s on this
does tivimate need to be updated for newer os? original dev no longer supporting it?

What is system picker for Tivimate ?

Yes there is I posted several methods but the bottom line is to roll back the file mgr or uninstall, or if using google files then uninstall that on your device then install a new shortcut. You can also use X-plore to give access permissions to /data and /obb but here is a link to get you started. Lots of reading but it’s doable.


And to give you access to the files


It is a lot of reading to understand but it is doable. I wish it was a simple two sentence explanation but unfortunately it isn’t.

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Thx Miki
looks like i have some reading to do but in the meantime it seems like the sparkle app can record to external storage without the system picker option

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