Tivimate Subtitles - Can't access settings

So I have an excellent IPTV provider and I have no problem enabling captions in Tivimate, the trouble is, they’re huge and in the damn way. When I select the settings for cc, it gives me the error: “Unable to open settings for Closed Captions”. It continues to work fine (not crashing or anything) but I’m stuck with these HUGE ass captions. Is there a fix?

Hey again…

If u really need it, u can try using an external player & use their cc…
(Not sure if cc settings ever worked on tivimate)

Hey @spiritus While in full screen on any channel, long press for menu at bottom of screen…scroll on over to CC…click on it…scroll down to System settings for CC…scroll down to Text size…click & see if that setting is on very large…there are 5 sizes. Hope that helps…GL2U


Hey P…

Both spirit & i cant get it to enter settings…
But since my post, i chk tvmate on my phone & it goes into google subt settngs & only gives me 2 sizes
(just a observation)

Thanks pangaeatech but as indicated in the post…that doesn’t work. I get the error noted.

Bummer. I have MX Player which I like but what am I giving up with the native player?

Really…there’s a menu at the bottom of the screen when you long press while watching any show. Short press pulls up your channel history & long press pulls up search, channel list, recording, multiview,pic n’ pic, stereo, 0ms, CC, normal, off, remove from favs & settings. Where you want to go isn’t in settings, but CC.

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Correct. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Selecting settings from there as you’ve indicated but I get the error noted.

I was just thinking you could use external for the chnnls u need, i like the native plyr also

(I get the error also on my stik not the phone)

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Unfortunately, I’m getting old and hard of hearing. I like to have cc on everything I watch. I was told over in Reddit that you need to go into Firestick settings directly so I’ll give that a try

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Selecting settings from there as you’ve indicated

Negative…don’t go into SETTINGS…long press & from the options at the bottom click on CC…not settings.


Spirit… CC is in Firestik accessibility settings, thats probly the trik

If Firestick CC supersedes TiviMate CC, then that would be great…either one could be the problem. I just tested & adjusted mine in TiviMate…very large to tiny…but I’m not using a Firestick & not sure if I have an adjustment on my android box.

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No deal on turning on cc in the stik settings, didnt do squat

OK…y’all are using TiviMate tho…right?

Yeah P…

I think spirit was using the bottm menu also

Copy…in order to access the bottom of screen menu that has the CC option…you’re program has to be on full screen, no small screen top left with EPG below…full screen. Holding down select button for a second or two shows the menu at the bottom…if you click on the CC button 8th one over, it’ll open up a closed captions screen on the right side. Then follow directions in my initial post.

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Thats what i was doin but i think spirit was getting to the right spot… cuz i get the same error too

Roger that…other than dumping tivimate & reloading…I’m stumped.

Sounds like something is awry. I just checked on all my devices (nVidia pro, tube and tablet and I was able to access the CC settings. Try reloading the app, but first make a backup. If you haven’t yet updated the app then do that now.