TiviMate SMB Setup for Recording

Thanks as always for the great content. I went through the video and successfully got tivimate set up to record to my laptop through my firestick. However, when I tried to setup my Nvidia Shield it never shows any folders under the same server. What can I do to fix this?

Note. My firestick is running on wifi. My laptop is running through a wire via a wifi extender linked to my wifi router (I am not tech savvy enough to know if this is essentially still a wifi connection or “ethernet”? My Nvidia Shield is running via ethernet wired to me internet modem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I suppose I more or less answered my own question. It does appear that the unit (fire stick, Nvidia Shield, etc.) and the computer have to be on the same network i.e., wifi or ethernet.

The video had me confused on this point as it is clear that he mentions his laptop was hard wired and I was not aware that any fire stick had ethernet capabilities. Therefore, I figured his computer and shield were probably both hard wired, but assumed his fire stick was not.

So did you get your Nvidia Shield working? Do you have Tivimate on your Nvidia Shield? You should be able to do it the same way as you did on your firestick and record to your laptop.


they have an adapter for firestick to get ethernet.

I did end up getting it to work, only after I switched my Shield from Ethernet connection to wifi. I am using Tivimate of both the Shield and my Firestick.

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That explains that, lol