Tivimate Setup Catchup


I have ventured into trying out Tivimate with my iptv provider. All installed ok onto my Ugoos AM8, and having read google tech experts instructions, there is no catch up tab in the opening menu.

Oh, yes i have also signed up for a 7 day free trial, with option to continue. So premium features are all included.

So, can someone point me in the right direction, whereby i can see all the channels at a glance with catch up.

My iptv provider, has all channels with catchup for 7 days.

I have gone into settings> playlists as advised on google. But i dont see " catch up: to allow me to enable this feature.

Thank you

If the channel has catchup, you will see the back arrow/clock icon to the right of the channel name. Highlight that channel with the up/down buttons on your remote, and hold “left” button for a second or two. That takes you to the previous programs before current time, and if the service allows, click on them and watch .


@AMD237 Many thanks. Got it now. The only issue i am having now is:

When i start playback and ffwd, the timing moves fwd, but the video will not play.

Still learning this new app, so maybe just being a dummy at this stage😀8

Here is an alternative way to access your catchup shows.


Excellent. Thanks. Just been playing with that. And found if you click left again, it takes you to the menu " all channels, English, sports etc.

If you then click on sports for example, you can scroll through all the catch up on those channels, by channel and catch up appears to the right.

Getting there slowly. Thanks to you both.

You can adjust your ‘Skips Steps’ increments in the Tivimates’s settings. settings>Playback>Skip Steps


Thanks Powerfader. Got that. Been trying that by using the remote to advance the timing.

But, the pause/play ffwd button does not seem to change to play, after i have used remote to advance the timing of the catch up.

I’ll keep playing with it. Obviously user error.

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It’s also possible that your iptv providers catch up isn’t working properly.


was about to say the same thing. Catchup is found less and less now days with iptv providers providing “cheaper” alternatives due to cost of maintaining etc.

Thanks to you both. Tested the catch up on my iptv andvit is fine. No worries, i will keep playing with it.

I was intrigued to try it out to see if it is an improvement on my current IPTV.

If it doesnt match my current iptv ui etc, i have 6 days to decide.

What is a good service with catchup?

DM me. The one I use has over 1000 catchup channels.

Been trine get Catchup for awhile.