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My apologies in advance for the odd Tivimate question. Background - after 4 years my wife and kids were finally “comfortable” enough to cut the cord, but it appears my wife and kids really haven’t paid attention to my instructions and tutorials I have given leading up to our cutting date.:smiley:

On Tivimate the “Exit” button (main menu) on both the TV’s my kids and wife watch (2 separate TV’s) has disappeared yet it is still there on the other 2 TV’s I watch the majority of the time.

We have a Tivimate premium account, updated to the latest version, I have poured through the settings, Redit, Googled the heck out of the issue but cannot seem to get the “button” back.

Any guidance you can provide is appreciated

Hello @emcpheet I just click the back button on remote until it has exited. I don’t see an exit button anymore.


@TROYPOINT thank you for the quick response. I honestly thought I had done something in the settings. So weird it the exit button it still present on 2 of 4 instances of Tivimate although it is on one lifetime membership.

Thanks again for all of your help. Have a good weekend and enjoy the fights tomorrow night!

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I have an EXIT. Button which is hidden.
Settings - Appearance - Player - Menu
Scroll down to hidden buttons
You will find exit

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I do same as you…Reinstall…

Tivimate storage…I followed troypoint video to move storage to external on firestick…I used on nvidia Shield…Worked great .thanks…I now have Beelink king x.
IS the path for tivimate.,but its too small.
I tried instructions that worked on fire and Shield.using Explore to create folder…Buy no joy…I have internal 8gb drive.
Also usb external ssd,and 3.5 drive on usb adapter…Tried all 3…no joy…says failed to change. .I installed kodi pressed Download.took me to drive screen.all drives there .Picked ssd…bobs yer aunty…Any ideas…please…

If you have telegram go to the support group they answer questions all day in a live chat. Telegram: Contact @tivimate_en

They dont know…Nearest i got was troypoint who sorted it for firestick…And worked on my shield but not on beelink,You can have 32 tb of storage,but it Cheats,by internal hdd coming up as Usb…To me Telegram is a chat room not imformation provider

While watching a channel just long press the OK button and menu will appear on the bottom of your TV screen. Then just scroll to the exit button and click.

Btw, you can also rearrange those buttons to your liking by going into settings>appearance>player>menu>reorder buttons.

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