Tivimate Premium

I have heard how good it is but, I can’t download Tivimate to get to where I can pay for premium.
It shows I have an account for the regular but have not ever loaded an iptv to it. Sooooo frustrating.

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Hey @Roy55 If you’ve downloaded TiviMate…click on settings & there should be panel that opens on the right hand side that says: Unlock Premium


You need to activate your premium within the app. You probably should also download the Tivimate Companion app.

Your account will be the email address you signed up with.

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I have installed the app but when I open it it says no channels I suppose because I have not put in my IPTV code. I don’t want to until I can get the premium app. How do I get the companion app to buy the subscription?

You can click on the settings tab in the app you have already installed and you will see the unlock button if you have already bought a sub.

It says to down load companion app but it will not down load to my firestick. It is not in the lost of devices for google.

You download the companion app to your phone. You really don’t need it unless you are adding it to multiple devices and need to keep track. Once you have installed TiViMate on your firestick you simply follow the instructions like PF showed you. Open it and on the top right you should find an “Activate Premium.”

Download it to your phone

If you have activated the premium then do a search here and you will find dozens of m3u links and m3u8 links to add. But it isn’t as simple as that. You need to read the tutorials and watch the vids.

This is just a small sample of what you can find. After doing some reading and watching vids we can help you fine tune your skills and answer questions and of course you can then focus your search much better. For example, once you have TiViMate premium you open it on your Firestick and double click the back/return arrow to open the side bar for getting access to things.


You purchase Tivimate Premium on yor phone or other android device that has Google Play Store… (not firestik)

The email & passwrd you use to buy Premium… is the same email/psswrd you use to unlock Tivimate on yor firestik (once youv purchsd)

Thanks to everyone, I finally got it on and working.
Now I just have to figure out what I can do with it.

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@Roy55 It’s a great player…you can do a whole lot with it…watch Troy’s videos & maybe some others on the web…& don’t be shy to ask again. Good Luck… :cowboy_hat_face:

Lol. Just about anything. Open it and double click your return arrow to open left sidebar and that’s where you begin. From adding m3u files to epg xml files it all starts with the sidebar menu.