Tivimate Premium playlist limit?

Anybody know what is the limit on how many playlist you can add to TiviMate Premium ? I heard it was unlimited .

I know someone that has 46. Lol

It is unlimited, but saying that, with every additional playlist, especially ones with huge content, it takes longer to search within Tivimate as well as updating takes longer. I found that once I went over the 60,000 channel mark TiViMate seemed to slow down and give me some glitches. But that could simply have been source servers.

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So for I got 14 playlist an all playing good .

Especially slows down if you have several playlists that include VOD and have extensively large libraries of movies and series.

It’s unlimited I’ve had 20 large playlists and still works fine just take a while to update the playlists upon opening app

If your 20 playlists all had VOD with over 100,000 titles I think you might say it’s a bit much to handle. Not that I have 20 with that count, but a couple that do. It is technically unlimited, but that is within reason and at the expense of performance. I can’t imagine someone putting 3 thousand playlists on there and saying it works fine.