TiVimate premium login credentials not working

I paid for the tivimate premium subscription through the companion app earlier today. Then when i go to firstick and try to unlock tivimate premium it keeps saying that login not working try later. I’ve reset password / tried turning on and off etc. not working though. the standard tivi mate app is still working fine though…
Is there a support email, or does anyone know if the tivimate service is down?

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@Mike12345 You may be able to get help here - https://www.reddit.com/r/TiviMate/

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There is a wealth of information at the Reddit site as replied.
My understanding with issues as you describe some users ultimately need to email Alex, the developer of TiviMate at: mobile.dev@gmail.com
Good luck


thank-you all for help above. There were actually 2 issues here…
Firstly, if you are not an android user you will need to download the bluestacks android emulator - i did this to my pc but i believe it also works on a macbook. then need to go into google play and pay for the tivimate premium subscription (now £6.99 year). Seems a lot of hassle to be honest and this could be imrpoved if tivimate set up a shopify store or something to pay for the subscription.

I then went back to my firestick but tivimate was not accepting my login credentials. Eventually emailed Alex the developer who suggested getting the latest version. This is advertised on the reddit site (this seems to be the tivimate homepage, i do not think they have a dedicated website). The version I got was from the troypoint downloader app, so this needs updating if mods read this message.

Latest version allowed me to login fine now and all is working ok. :slight_smile:

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