Tivimate possibly showing expiry dates of services

Does anyone know how to the expiry date to showup in Tivimate or maybe thats not possible?

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Hello @340rag I don’t think that is possible. It is just pulling the playlist and I doubt that any information about account is passed to TiviMate.

click on the playlist in settings and scroll down to xtream codes parameters it will have the expiration

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Thanks @MattB I’m not seeing that on my TiviMate. Maybe this has to do with the service but I don’t have any Xtream Codes Parameters in that menu. Yes, I did setup my service with the Xtream codes option.

Thats strange I go into settings- playlist, then click on the one you want and go to xc parameters. I only have TPK since JC is gone. Thanks for opening the group up again I tried to join a couple years ago, lots of good info here for us who are looking for a replacement for sportz/ secret service


Matt that only work on just a few of the services I have installed most do not have the XC parameter in them

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It works for me with Tivimate if I go into xtraem codes parameters.

Not a big deal since I test anything I put in Tivimate first.

I had a the same problem and my service wasn’t working. The IPTV provider told me several customers had reported similar issues. I pointed out to them that their payment portal also showed the incorrect date even though the invoice had already been paid. After a few trouble tickets, they seemed to have straightened out their payment portal and in turn, TiViMate’s date updated and the service worked although they never took ownership of the issue, I can only assume they fixed their payment site.

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Will not work if you didn’t load the playlist xc. Its not that it doesn’t work, just different parameters.

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Two of my iptv services will show the expiration date when click I click on Xtream Codes Parameters.

One of my providers expiration date does not not show. So I believe the expiration date info might be embedded in the UN/PW info? If that info is not present in the code. Then the provide did not input that info in their code.

If you are talking about Tivimates expiration date. Then you can get that info from their Companion App.

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Providers can put that info in.

It’s more commen for Mac ID users to see that.

But as others mentioned above it’s sometimes there but not always.

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