Tivimate Paid Playlist Buffering

The playlist I purchased is buffering on nearly all channels today.

I emailed the provider several hours ago, but have not received a response.

The last time this happened, it was because Interpol had shut down several servers in Europe. By any chance, is there any such news today?

Tivimate does NOT do any iptv service. You went with a bogus service who stole the name.

Btw, I believe TP even warned about this very iptv service. It may be the same people that tried to use the Troypoint name.

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No, I didn’t purchase the playlist from Tivimate or Troypoint.

Sorry, then I misunderstood when you stated, Tivimate paid playlist. There is out there an iptv service out there that uses the Tivimate name.

So, the facts are you purchased an iptv service which is buffering on almost all channels, and the service have yet to respond to your ticket in over a 24-hour period.

#1. Clear cache, force stop and reboot your device.
#2. Check your speeds using a speed tester, i.e., Aniliti, Ookla, etc.
#3. Unplug equipment, modem, router, device, TV for 15 minutes and check for secure cable connections.
#4. Try an ethernet connection.
#5. Try installing another iptv extreme code.
#6. Try adjusting your buffer settings in Tivimate.
#7. Change from TS to HLS in Tivimate settings.
#8. Use an external player.
#9. If all the above fails. Then contact your provider one more time and while you are waiting for their response start looking for an alternative service.

I doubt the issue is with Tivimate, but you can try another player like Sparkle, Televiso, Smarters, etc. Each of the suggestions above are intended to isolate the issue to connections, equipment, software, or your service. My bet is it is your service. Especially, since they are slow in responding.

Btw, you can use the search here in the Insider to find a couple of free iptv m3us to try. If they work. Then it is your service that is the issue.

Powerfader, you certainly provided a list that I hope others will either bookmark or copy for their own use in times of buffering issues. Great suggestions!

I generally clear all caches twice a month and my Analiti indicates that my download speed is anywhere between 50 and 80 mps. The first thing I did yesterday when the problem manifested was to hard boot the device, but to no avail. I have adjusted the buffer settings before, but for some reason that has never worked to solve buffering. Also, the use of external players has not worked before, but as time goes on perhaps those players will help.

Your item #7 … This is a new one to me and I will check it out. What is TS and HLS?

The 2 main indicators that it was (Tivimate is up and running this morning! However, no word from provider as to what was wrong) the provider’s issue:

  1. I have a backup playlist that worked fine and
  2. My inlaws and my uncle use the same provider and had buffering issues also

The last time this happened (last April or May) it was because Interpol took down several servers in the Netherlands. Next year when it’s time to renew I will be shopping for a better provider, even though I’ve been with this gentleman for 3 years. Communication is paramount!

Again, thank you for your perspicacious list of remedies and I hope others can benefit from it.

Cheers and happy viewing!


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To find TS and HLS settings>Playlist>choose service>Extreme Codes Parameters>Output Format> select format and click the back button and apply changes.

Since your other service is working properly and the fact your in-laws are experiencing the same issues as you regarding this service. Then logic dictates the issue is with your iptv provider and not with your software, or hardware.

If you haven’t heard from your provider by now. Then I would chalk it up to experience and shop for a new one.

You can search here in the Insider for a TP article for providers. Also, here’s an invite link for r/iptv aka, Cable Corners.

Good luck!