Tivimate loads all but no video

Tivimate loads EPG and Playlist. Works fine on one Firestick but not the other with same account info

If you drop this verified playlist into the Tivimate in question…& it plays, then you can eliminate the player as the culprit…& go on from there.


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Will give it a shot. Tx

The Pluto playlist works when added.
Here is a bit more info.
Here are the parameters

  1. Same internet service (240mps)
  2. Same TV input.
  3. Identical “informer app” information of two Firesticks.
  4. Reset to factory to insure clean.

The only difference I see is the “Fire TV Home Version” the one working with my IPTV provider is 6410026.1 same xcodes on 2nd Firestick has a 6410028.1 does not work. The Pluto URL works on both.

This one is beating me up !

Copy…have you swapped out sticks to see if the bad one is bad on both tvs?


cables cables cables…maybe


The Pluto URL works fine. Audio and Video
Its only my IPTV service that has the problem.
They have worked with me. Same outcome.
EPG loads, Playlist loads, 409 error.

Pluto playlist was working fine with all cables…

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Sorry, but I’m gonna have to sleep on this one…can’t come up with anything at the moment…been a long day. 409 is generally a stream/server error I believe…just gotta figure out why on one stick & not the other…when Pluto works. Only thing I can think of is something in the credentials is at fault or possibly out of connections.


Try playing with an external player.


Thanks for the hit. Unfortunately, thats not it as the blue spinning vortex keep going until the 409 error. Odd that i have loaded my xcodes from working FS and does not work either. URL is active. The anomalies…
Different Firestick owner.
Exactly the same informer info on both FS

Its getting down the the gen 1 FS.

409 error is a conflict, usually on client side

check the decoders settings, hardware prefered, auto frame rate on


Was typin the same thing TR…
How bout playback settings?

Audio & Video decoder set to hardware?

Tunnel plybck off?

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Will review shortly. With regard to the 409 error…
As stated in thread… Used the same xcodes on different FS and all ok

understood but all im saying is check the settings hardware vs software. Ive seen similar issue with hls vs ts streams

& tunneled plybck will play audio & make the screen freeze

I don’t know what to think…& not sure what direction to go…as you’ve proven the device is capable of playing a stream, by successfully running the Pluto playlist…but why won’t the iptv service stream…? That’s still the $64k question. :thinking: :confused:

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Will take a look at this setting…tx