Tivimate fix, epg bug in older versions

Some IPTV services are providing older mod versions of TV mate with the URL coded into the app. I know most people will say go out and buy the app, but if you don’t have the URL to the server it won’t work. The problem with these older mod TV mate apps is that they do not delete all the EPG data and eventually the storage fills up and there is no longer any EPG shown. I have been experimenting with these older versions and the EPG issues and have found that installing the TV Mate app on a flash drive solves the problem. Of course the user would have to buy the adapter that is inserted in the power supply cable that gives you a USB port. Just thought I would pass that along for those who are struggling with this issue. Note to administrator, please delete if this topic is not allowed

What I don’t like about this is that if these people are selling their service and not paid for using TiViMate then that’s plain thievery. I paid for a legal and legitimate copy to support the developer in his work and effort to update it. So I certainly would never advertise any stolen product to anyone.

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