Tivimate EPG not working for "Favorites" group

My “favorites” group does not display the correct EPG info. It gives the same info (Law and Order SVU) for every channel in my favorites group. Anyone else experience anything like this??

When was the last time you refreshed your playlist?

I refresh my playlist daily

And in all the other group folders the EPG is fine? I’ve never had that happen. Do you have a backup file saved from before this happened that you can restore? If not, try making a backup now. Verify that the backup worked (you can locate it with a file manager on your device) then clear the app data and cache for Tivimate. Log back in and then restore and see if it still happens.


Yes, most of the other group EPG’s work. Some don’t have any info at all.
:grimacing: Not sure I know how to do what you suggest but I will give it a shot.
Thank you so much for your help

My guide on TIVIMATE is off by 1 hour. Is this just mine or a system wide problem?

My EPG is off 3hrs, but just for local channels which has happened on and off since the time change. This is tied to the IPTV service as my backup has not done this. If your EPG is not working/updating I am assuming it’s with the provider and not Tivimate.

You can adjust the EPG time offset in the Tivimate settings, but i would first contact your iptv provider and put in a ticket.

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