TiviMate EPG no Information

I have A TiviMate premium account and IPTV service that includes an EPG. 2 of my devices the guide still shows no information anyone have any guidance to fix ? The other 3 devices show the info with no issues

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Make sure you’re running version 4.0.0 on all the devices. Go to your playlist settings and make sure “update playlist on app start” is enabled. Go down to update playlist and manually update it once. Go back to the EPG menu and change the update interval to 2 hours. Also make sure “update on app start” is enabled. I also use “update on playlist change”. Then manually update EPG.

As long as nothing changed with your playlists these steps should solve your issue.


It really sounds like a provider issue if you are getting guide info on some channels but not on others.

What I did was to learn zap2xml and create my own guide info. Then I added this file to tivimate as an additional guide. I then set up tivimate to get the info for those missing channels from my guide instead of my providers.

If you want to set up your own guide Like I did, have a look at this:

I can help you if you decide to go this route and in setting up a bat file so that it will automatically update everyday without you having to do anything.


Sup King…

Also you can go into…
Enter into each playlist…
Go into resources…
Make sure they’re correct & prioritized…
Also make sure your logo priority is on epg…

Update playlist & epg as Jay said…

Cross fingers…

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Hey Komobu
I have the same issue… EPG on some and not others… iptv provider instructions don’t work and I’ve tried instructions above., No results
Can you help?

Sure…Did you go to the link I posted? First step is to make an account. They are free. Let me know when you have made one or what questions you have.

I visit the link and I did not understand anything I saw and I immediately doubted my ability to do it.,:joy:

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A lot of this stuff looks very intimidating. But it really isnt…if you take it in steps.

First step is to make an account. You’ll need to head over to https://tvlistings.zap2it.com and set up the account. It is free.

Once you have the account, I will walk you through the next step of getting your data.

This whole process may take a week to get to completion, but when you are done, I will help you to create a bat file that will automatically run on your computer once a day and update everything automatically. You wont need to do anything but set it up and remember to have your computer on at whatever time you set to have it run.


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