Tivimate email account


Before in Tivimate you were able to go to about section and see what email that you have registered…but now it only shows that you have premium no email I have 2 accounts for additional Tivimate so would like to know what is which


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Hey @marko1965 In the companion app, all devices used are listed…sign into it with one account & see what’s on that one…then sign in with the other & do the same.

  1. this what I was told in Telegram ( If you backup TiviMate then uninstall/reinstall the email address account info is there. Then restore obvs. )

but you can’t restore without login with your email and then do a resotre now email shows up in about

pain in the ass they should fix this in other update

at least the restore worked

if you have 2 Tivimate accounts you don’t know which is which companion shows the email account but you can’t tell with what your Device is acitvated with email

OK…not sure how many devices you have the tivimate player on…I have 2 devices with 2 tivimate players…each one I labeled when I activated them…1 says Amazon Fire Stick…the other KM6, under “Activated devices”. When you sign in with either account, aren’t they listed on the left side of the companion app? I agree with you that it would be a lot easier if the account was shown on each player. If you do a restore & type in the wrong account email & it doesn’t work…is there any reason why you can’t type in the other one? When I do a restore I only have one account so that’s not an issue with mine.

In my TiViMate companion each device I activated shows with the generic device name, and my e:mail is shown down the bottom that I used.

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yeah but it was so much simpler by going to about and see what email account is registered with what device and then go to companion and look at the device’s that the account is with…anyways it’s all good now :slight_smile: