Tivimate Downloaded From Troypoint

Downloaded the Tivimate app and added my Xtream code from One iptv ,all the channels shows up but when i click on any of the channels there is no picture. It keep saying a error has occurred error 401

Hey @ralphrjonessr Could be a host of things, but a 401 code is “generally” for unauthorized something or other…possibly for credentials like username/passcode. I would suggest you get with your iptv support (if not a website, they usually have a message board of some kind). Or…if you feel like starting all over…dump everything & reload it again…possible that something got corrupted during the last setup process. Also, you can put in a free mainstream playlist like PlutoTV to make sure your Tivimate player is set up properly…if you unlocked premium. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:


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Hey pan, you’re correct. The 401 usually indicates that the target server has refused the request as the credentials are incorrect or missing something, and believe it or not, it can be something as simple as missing a : colon or . period. So check the credentials you entered for a typo or spelling error.

Good point Mik…altho, when I screw up entering a url it usually tells me I’m a failure… :cry:

Ralph seems to have gotten his EPG & I believe those are embedded within Xtream codes, so I would guess it processed thru. It also could be that his iptv service wants him to use their apps, but if they give you an Xtream code that mostly portends an open invite to the player of your choice. So I’m not sure why he’s getting epg but no video.

And…he may not have unlocked premium…& how Tivimate works without that…I’m not sure…as I’ve only used it in premium mode.

In the free version you can’t do much and that very well could be the issue. That’s the trouble with these “general” codes, the causes can be varied, but 401 is definately a missing or incorrect “request” rejected by the server, and god knows where it went wrong.

Yeah…hopefully, his iptv service has decent support & they can sort it out…or somebody else comes up with a magic bullet that we’ve never heard of. I’m totally ignorant of Tivimate “basic”…I was ready, willing & able to jump right into premium mode from day one & have never looked back. I feel like we probably should ask posters if they have premium or not…ya’ just never know. :thinking:

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I agree. I find myself doing that a lot. I go through a long explanation and solution only to find out they didn’t even do step 1. My bad. I’m curious as to what the service says. If xtream codes it should be just fine in TiviMate premium.

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i paid the one time payment to unlock the premium .and it said it was unlocked. Everything was sent to me from One iptv. Me. M3U &EPG username and password. and the Xtream Codes username and password also. I used the xtream code to set everything up. It said success then it added the channels. But any channel i click on the 401 error comes up

You need to contact your supplier. There must be a problem on their end. Double check your email and make sure you’ve entered everything correctly. Also make sure in settings>playlist>(your supplier playlist) that you have enabled the epg. Also you mention an m3u as well as xtream codes. It’s usually one or the other. If Xtream code you need Server address/username/Password So in playlist and clicking on your playlist name, scroll down to Xtream Codes Parameters click on it and check everything is entered correctly.

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Did you insert & try the PlutoTV playlist to confirm that your Tivimate is properly working? That would sure eliminate Tivimate being the culprit if PlutoTV worked but your IPTV playlists still don’t. Have you contacted your IPTV support as Miki & I previously suggested?

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