TiviMate Decoder Initialization error

I have Premium version 4.5.1 and use FIrestick 4K and Onn Android TV box.
I have HDHomeRun for local channels and a way to feed the m3u to Tivimate.
It will play the HDHR local channels one at a time.
When I go to Multi-view and add a 2nd HDHR channel I get the decoder initialization error.
I have tried changing the Audio decoder and Video decoder from hardware to Software one at a time and still get the decoder error.
If I change the local channels (ABC,NBC, FOX, NBC) to a TV Everywhere version and not from the antenna via HDHR then multi-view works.
Why would the antenna channels from HDHR play one at a time, but NOT within Multi-view???
Where is the Encoding happening, why would the Decoding fail???
Any help, please.

I just thought of something.
I think OTA transmissions, (like the ones from my HD Homerun) are NOT compressed here in the usa.
Which COULD be a reason the hardware decoder is being overworked
when i try to mulit-view more than 1.!!??
And it does multi-view three easily when the channels source from a TVE stream. (compressed)
Thoughts ??

I think this is still true:
Over-the-air broadcast TV signals are not compressed , so your antenna will deliver that uncompressed feed directly to your TV.
Streaming services and even traditional cable and satellite signals are compressed in order to maximize the number of channels they can pack into a given feed.

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