Tivimate daylight saving

tivimate is playing 1 hour ahead of the time it really is.I try adjusting the clock but can’t seem to get it right.I try to adjust 1 hour ahead to catch but no. and still not right.what am I doing wrongadjust 1hour behind

It’s your provider @azmickey but if you don’t want to wait on them, you can go into:
Settings/EPG/EPG sources/click on the EPG source/s that feeds your live tv & offset it back 1 hour. That does the whole playlist…you can also do a channel individually…long press on channel show till settings screen comes up on right hand side…scroll down to channel options…scroll down’ to EPG time offset. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

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thanks buddy.I’ll give it a try

no change.I might talk to my provider on what to do

Copy that…talking to your provider is the best way to go…but the above instructions do work…as I’ve done them several times. My epg was properly reset after I contacted my provider…except for one of my favorite channels…of which I’ve offset it to an hour earlier. You may want to give it another shot…either way, good luck.

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Tivimate is working OK now thanks for all the help

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