Tivimate creating backup

Has anyone had success in creating and restoring a backup on tivimate?

My idea is wanting to create a backup and transferring to another stick. I have a good setup on my nvidea and was thinking of copy to a few other boxes (ONN and Mecool).

Any thoughts

I do it all the time thru Send Files to TV…that way when I set up my TiviMate channel order etc on my KM6, I just do a backup & send it to my firestick that has another TiviMate installed. Pretty sure I got the idea from a TroyPoint video…but not positive.

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Cool. wanted to make sure I didnt corrupt the other sticks which already have tivimate. So I can just take the backup.tmb file and replace it with mine and have everything done at once. All I will need to check is downloads because the sticks im transferring to dont have the capacity for that. Thanks this is about to get real easy :rofl:


Copy…when I transfer, I’m only transferring 2 IPTV playlists that I’ve “set up” on my KM6 tivimate…I believe the size of the backup is only about 10 megs…so it takes just a second or two to receive the files. Then I go into tivimate in my firestick applications & click the clear data button on that tivimate…you have to then go thru the unlock process again but that’s easy…then just click “restore data” from whatever file app you put it in & you have a clone of your original tivimate playlist setup.


All the time. I use X-plore file manager and login with my dropbox account on both devices.


Yeah works great,I had to restore my backup on my KM2 and worked flawlessly :slight_smile: I have my SSD USB thumb drive has my primary storage,Troy had a tutorial on how to setup you’re KM2 :slight_smile: