Tivimate companion download

I can’t figure out how to download tivimate companion to buy a premium subscription. All of my devices are Apple iOS.

Tivimate wasn’t ment for ios. I’m not 100 percent you can download it for ios.

Iptv smarters I do believe can run ios.

Use bluestacks

Don’t know if this will work on iOS, but I did it on windows. Download BlueStack that will get you into google play, then you can download Tivimate companion

Download an android emulator such as Bluestacks. Then download android based apps tp your emulator.

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Thank you. It’s too bad tivimate has made it awkward for apple users.

Maybe it’s Apple that made it hard for Apple users. This fight has been going on since the introduction of Apple; Microsoft Windows vs Apple macOS. these two multi-billion dollar companies never got along. Both of them could very easily make all their software compatible with each other. They choose not to for $$$$$!


Google/android is a separate OS. Doesn’t play well with Apple or Windows

So now Chrome gets into the money grab. The point is, all these billion dollar corps could make all their software compatible with each other. They choose not to, to pigeon hole you into a never ending dependence on their proprietary products. It’s still all about the Benjamin’s baby!

Btw, with the addition of an app I have downloaded just about any app I needed. I have several apps that are meant and designed for android phones or tablet use. Just had to get a little creative and go through a few more steps.


I downloaded bluestacks to my windows PC and was then able to install Tivimate companion. However I can’t purchase a premium subsrciption as I keep getting an error message “google play in-app billing API version iss less than 3”. Anyone can shed some light on this?

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