Tivimate changed prices?

Has tivimate gone up on there price? On troypoint it says 1 year subscription $5.99 and one time payment $20.99. When I go to buy on tivimate the prices are higher.


Are you Canadian? For me it came to $33 for the lifetime sub.

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Oh no sorry, I’m in the US

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Oh all good. I just thought that might be why you had a higher price. I thought it showed $24.99 I’ll check.

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Most likely, that is why I locked in at $23 bucks for lifetime. A $24 gamble is worth it to me, besides if the app sticks around for 2-4 years. Then I win!


Yea on the troypoint website, it said it was cheaper, I thought maybe there was a promo code or something.


Use to be $19.99 but prices change without notice. If you surf the web there are coupons out there. But for a lifetime app and just $33 I’m not going to surf for a coupon, the developer has earned that pittance from me.

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Yep,small price for the best iptv app ive ever seen. :nerd_face:


Yes, pretty sure the lifetime price went up a few bucks since I bought it.

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price went up then i was about to pay the 24.99 when they announced a black friday sale for 18.99. i jumped on that so fast.


I guess I must be lucky. I have only had TiviMate for a couple of months. I got it for 7.99

you bought it lifetime for 7.99? or annually at 7.99?

I checked my account again. It is a premium account. My next payment is due Oct: 27/22. So it is annual. But that is ok with me.

exactly i used to pay 4.99 annually , when the prices started going up , i bought lifetime.


The premium version is still worth it, even if they did increase price by a few dollars.


Yes I fully agree with you.

I had a customer buy a lifetime sub today it was $19.99 U.S.

Is there a channel listing? I found when Ola was regularly updated, that APK was the best free IPTV option around.

If it did it seems to be a buck. Get it as lifetime now while it stays this way.

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