Tivimate catchup

For the life of me I can not figure out how catchup works on tivimate. I can’t go backwards on the epg. Am I missing something? I can 100% confirm that catch-up is functional with the service.

If you see a channel that has the small circle pointing left logo after the name of the channel, it means catchup is available for this channel. Select current show and then long press on the left side of your remote and you can go backwards in time to watch a show you might’ve missed hours earlier.


My hero. Thanks I figured I was missing something stupid lol.

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Not stupid. It took me a while to figure it out too.


Also, to add to what Tech2 posted, If you want to return back to the Live position on the guide. Just press the back button and it will automatically go back to the live position in your guide.

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Thanks that’s good to know as well!

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While watching any “catchup” channel in full screen press the left side of the direction ring to open the “catchup”. Here you can choose a time, on the left or mine goes back in 12 minute chunks when I hit right on the direction ring, however, if you just want to go back a few minutes and not an entire hour, then while watching a catchup channel hit the “enter”, the lower info bar opens then hit “up” on the direction ring and you can use the video controls to “backup” or even “restart” from the beginning. In short there are many ways on TiVi to do the same thing.

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I’ll keep that in mind. I’m not really planning on using it much. I have multiple vod options I use, but I could see it useful for those less popular things that are hard to find in the usual way.

I only use TiViMate for live tv. I don’t use the VOD. For that Stremio is far superior. My instructions were for your “catchup” info.

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My bad I guess I should of been more clear. I don’t use it for vod either. I use RD and an emby share.

Ahh. That’s a far better option.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!

Mine says no catchup available :cry: :pensive:, what is circle I am confused, i see the catchup previous programs but when i click it, says no catchup available, its my first day in tivimate app, does it takes time to work catchup option?

On my remote. I can left click on the directional button to bring up this overlay. Then right click the directional button to display the next page. Here you can scroll back to previous shows on that channel to play.