Tivimate and Nvidea Shield

Any good sources out there showing info on using Tivimate on Nvidea Shield Pro? Seems like lots of info for Firestick, but no Shield.

Use the search and read



The guides cover android devises as well.

Here to help. Ask away. There is already a lot of info posted on here about Tivimate.

Btw, I have a Pro and Tube and both have Tivimate installed on them. I also have Tivimate installed od on my Fire HD 10 tablet. Tivimate works great on each one!

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I second PF. Don’t be shy, ask any questions you have, just stay away from the obvious like “Why am I so handsome”? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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As well as “Why am I here” LOL

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Oh you’re stuck with us now. No good trying to escape.

Thanks! This worked so well for me.

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