Tivimate and Cinema hd app flashing when opening then closes

Use both tivimate and CHD ON MY FIRESTICKS 4K. However, on my Firestick max, every 2 weeks or so ,both of these apps won’t open when i click on them. They both just flash real quick and closing again. I end up having to uninstall both and upload them again. Tried all the maintenance, cache , space etc, no good. I am using an LG tv with the fs max. my other to fs4k don’t have this problem. Anyone else have this going on??

What happens when you go into “manage installed apps” Can you start it from the list in there without issue? I have a Max with TiViMate and don’t have any problems. May be a conflict somewhere.


Other users with the same issue.
Some installation has to be on internal storage, and not on external otherwise will continue crashing.

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Mike Tried that, cleared cache, force stop same thing trying to open those two from there

its on usb external storage,

Then that confirms to me that you may have a conflict, most likely, with another app on your system. It’s just odd that it works for a couple of weeks and then dies.

they both defaults to usb storage

yes odd, only those two apps, and I have not even used 50% of fs storage, even tho they are in usb storage, weird


Yeah like @Miki says there is a conflict

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