TiviMate & 5 Devices

I installed TiviMate on my Shield to try an unverified IPTV apk. I now have installed TiviMate on my Directv box and I’m trying a different IPTV apk. I have paid for a life time subscription to TiviMate yesterday. I’m going to continue with this unverified IPTV apk for a month and if I like it, I want to cancel Directv.

I can uninstall the TiviMate from both my Shield and cable box, but do I need to do more, say on the TiviMate companion apk to have 5 remaining devices I can install TiviMate on?

Once I cancel Directv, I will install a second Shield and put TiviMate on it. Will I have to add the extreme codes all over again to continue my IPTV service on the new Shield? Using a remote to type all the letters, numbers and symbols was a real pain for an old guy like me … Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m not sure what your question about uninstalling from Shield and cable box means since it sounds like you are only planning on putting it on a couple devices. The Tivimate companion will allow you to register/unregister devices as you wish. You just can’t have premium logged into more than 5 at the same time.

Yes, the credentials will have to be put into Tivimate again for a new device, unless you backup you Tivimate settings using the backup feature. If you do that and put the file where it is accessible to other devices, you can just reload it on the new box from that file.

TiviMate Make a Backup and Restore it (youtube.com)


Thank you …I see on the companion the listed device. I’m assuming using the trash can icon will remove it and allow for more devices to be used. I appreciate your help.