TIVI will not save any recordings to the USB drive

I want to know why I can move all my apps to the USB drive on my Fire Stick and they work, But it will not save any recordings to the USB drive I’m using TIVI had for over 2 years it also shows the app is install on the USB


Make sure to use our search function for recording to external USB drive as there is alot of helpful info about this.

I will link all the info about this. Make sure to go through every guide as it is extremely useful and should resolve this.

Mega guide.

In there is troypoints video guide as well. Jayhawks659 has good useful guides in there including a video of tivimate.

Go through it. Firestick storage has to be formatted to fat32

Important Reminder!

If you are using the Debloat App…

In Tivimate…
You may not be able to change folders for your flashdrive to record to… If your Debloater has some systems turned off…

Just a heads up…


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