Tivi Mate error Parser Exception

I’m using Tivi Mate on my Fire TV. Have recorded in the past but getting error Parsel Exception. Been reading and unable to find a solution. Any help greatly appreciated.

Do you mean “parser” or is it really “parsel” ?If its parser try clearing cache. Other issues could be with the iptv provider or vpn settings. Its a rather broad problem. If its parsel I have no idea.

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I’ve seen this when, for whatever reason, the DNS changed. My suggestion would be to unplug the device completely from your TV and from power, wait for a minute, then plug it all back in. That should clear the state. Please let us know how you make out and welcome to Troy’s little piece of streaming heaven.

Have fun and STREAM ON.

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I unplugged everything waited and plugged everything back. The system taped once but not again.

I finally uninstallerd tivi mate and reinstalled app and able to record now.