Tivi mate buffering problems?

Im using tivi mate service plays ok sometime but when im trying to watch live pay per view boxing etc i get alot of buffering:( any

Any suggestions? There is a boxing match coming up this weeke nd. Any tips would be great. Thank you.

Lots of things to look at. To start are you using a vpn? If so try different protocols and locations. If you are on a router change dns servers to test.


Did you adjust your buffer size in the settings. I had that when I first got TiVi and thought the app was junk. Then I started clicking through all the options and found the buffer size setting. After testing all options I settled on “medium” . If you know where the fight is taking place then pick a server in your VPN that is close to that city. Don’t pick one exactly in that city as they’ll probably be full or at least over 80%.


If its a free IPTV service, the links are pretty unreliable. I’d say for main sports events you may want to try out one of the Addons like Mad Titan Sports or Rising Tides to name two.



First try to clear the apps cache and not the data restart your device and reconnect VPN.

For the boxing match you’re looking for. Here is the link from TP.:+1:

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Don’t clear the data in your TiViMate unless you enjoy a lot of work for nothing. Clearing the cache may help with your device performance overall, as will using the Fast Task Killer to free up ram.


Hey @Darock7900 I’ll assume you’re getting your PPV from a paid IPTV service…if this is true, then you are at their servers’ mercy to a great extent & it’s probably not Tivimate’s fault. You can always rule out the tivimate player by putting a stable M3U playlist in such as any of these below…if your caches are clean, your speeds are stable & sufficient, your VPN protocols/servers are good & your buffer size is set…then any of these M3Us (courtesy of Miki) should work without any buffering & prove your tivimate player is working fine. Tivimate is only a player…altho probably the best one on the market. You’re only as good as the stream coming into your network…& not all iptv services are of superior quality…plus, their servers could just be overloaded with a popular PPV event. One final suggestion…right before the event…reboot your streaming device & your router to dump memory & get a fresh connection. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

https://wwwapsattv.com/ tubi.m3u
https://www.apsattv.com/ bumblebeetv.m3u
https://www.apsattv.com/ vizio.m3u


I’ve noticed that since this last TiviMate update, I’m experiencing more than usual buffering. Have not had any issues up to this update. I know its not the service because there isn’t an issue using the app

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Are you referring to the 4.4 beta?

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I didn’t update to the beta and have no problems. Could be just a coincidence. I suggest trying a different server location for your vpn. See if you get a more stable feed.

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I’ve tried that, thanks. Like I said, the app plays with a single buffering issue

Sure am. Not sure why I did now. LOL

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i’m using beta, no issues here(yet :grimacing:)

Thanks for the feedback guys​:wink::grin: i running ipvanish. I also purchsae the real dibrid. Can i get the fight through there if i dont have any luck with the other options?:thinking: and again thxxxx for the feebacks guys. Will try all these methods asap​:grinning:…

You gonna’ downgrade back to 4.3? Will be interested to see if any others have the same problem :thinking:

I think I am. Have to make sure everything is backed up


Not sure where to drop this,but here it goes. I have this guy that constantly cant find a channel hes likes…pain… especially at game time :joy:… and many of you most likely already know this but one little setting and now pure silence from him. Long click on any catagory and found I was able to sort channels by watch time…Bingo :+1: Now all of his favs stay at the top. I warned him this will affect his smutty channels in the same way and he smiled :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:


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