TIVI mate application worth getting

What exactly does TiVi mate do for you? Is it just another fancy TV guide? I have tried several tv providers with purple player and I am still plagued constant buffering. My download speed when I checked this morning is 118 mbps. Does TvVi mate help?

I love it. It has recording. Also has every option you will need. I only tried smarter app also. But between the two Smarters can’t hold Tivimates jockstrap!!


Just the buffer settings alone is enough to put Tivimate on top of most other apps. Is it free? No but the cost is nominal for the benefits it provides. You can even test drive it for 5 days at no cost. Always a personal choice. if you ha
ve buffering problems and done your maintenance on your router and app, then give it a try.


Tivimate is excellent. Its a guide for your playlist. You can even add several playlists to it. Your buffering most likely is coming from your service or from the cable provider which throttles customers internet to cause buffering. Thats why so many say to use a VPN.

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just a Fancy guide?.. pffft

I’m watching 3 college games & MotoGp qualifying all on 1 screen with zero buff… absolutely sick operating system

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Never heard of that one.

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Your buffering issues are not due to your iptv player ( tivimate iptv smarters and so on)

Live tv buffering can be due to who your connected with server issues.

Your down speed being effected. Your up speed is to low for server connection.

Bandwidth allocation. (Streaming Netflix on one device while iptv on another and Netflix device getting all the Bandwidth)

Try trails of other providers and a VPN. Could be isp throttle.

@Jayhawks659 what this guy said.

Worth it.


It’s totally worth it. You can get a lifetime subscription for up to 5 devices for like $20. Yes, it’s mostly a guide and user interface. But when you get done setting it all up it’s actually better than cable.


So what download speed do you need to watch IPTV?

With decent servers and watching 1080p 25 down speed and higher with at least 10 up is just fine.

But if using VPN need more 50 plus

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This morning my download speed is at 108 and upload at 33. That’s with the VPN on. Should that be enough for streaming. I am old and new to this streaming stuff

That’s fine. That’s more than enough.

Thank you for your help

Tivimate is the best hands down. But I would suggest the buffering issue isnt the tv player but rather the iptv service, internet throttling or vpn settings. I had a similar issue with my vpn. I was using the vpn thru my router with openvpn. I was able to use the vpn app directly an my device rather than on the router and then set it to wireguard and that solved my buffering issue.

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May as well throw my 2 cents worth in the mix, as I just subscribed to TiviMate this past summer & got the yearly sub for $10…to tell you how much I love this player…I’ll be getting the lifetime sub for $20, or whatever it costs when my year is up…it’s just one sweet dang player! Watch tutorials on it to see all the bells & whistles it offers. As far as your buffering…lots of good suggestions…I would add, check the protocol settings on your VPN, as there are many & depending on the servers your IPTV service use…one protocol may work better than the other…(Wireguard…IKEv2, OpenVPN/UDP or TCP etc) I have mine set to auto so it can decide. Do everything Troypoint suggests to get things tight on your end…& if it still buffers…then it’s your IPTV service…maybe try another one & compare. Good Luck…I’m old too. :wink:

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Thanks for your input. I think I will get tivi mate and try another IPTV. Any good suggestions on a IPTV?

Hands down the best player I have ever used, and gets better with every update! Don’t waste your time on the free membership, because the features are limited. Make sure you get the Premium. I got the lifetime membership for around $22 bucks, a year membership is about $6-$7 bucks.

Btw, Tivimate has nothing to do with providing any content (including epg). Your content comes from your IPTV service provider.


Been considering this since Locast shut down. What IPTV service are you guys using and how much do you like them/how much do they cost?

Tryout as many Free or low cost trials. You can load up as many iptv services as you want on the Tivimate Premium on as many as 5 different devices. I have 3 services, but will soon just have two. My main service (Dozenz XII) and a good low cost backup. This one is super good and the owner and staff are very helpful and friendly! CS is a big plus in my book and they deliver! They also have another low cost basic service (Sneakers) they operate on separate servers. Which is good if you choose that for your backup if you want one. Both of them offer 36-48 hour trials and both have Telegram support sites. Here is Dozenz XII host site: Portal Home - Dozenz XII


Considering it’s troypoints number one

Seen here.

And all the other reviews plus if you look in the search function of the website you will see.

It’s worth getting. Isn’t to hard to setup. Lots of setup options and guides.

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