Thoughts on Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen)

So yesterday I bought the Apple TV 4K (64GB). Best Buy had them on sale for $109.99 for the 32 GB and $129.99 for the 64 GB. I must say for streaming media and IPTV I’m impressed! There are certain apps that you have to purchase from the app store to do this but so far no buffering, the colors are vivid, and the sound is great. Of course they are negatives to this device as being part of the Apple ecosystem no third party apps and no dedicated VPN apps can’t be installed. Fortunately my VPN is on my router so no worries there but I was wondering if you have this device what is your take on it positive or negative?

Never tried it but it gets good reviews and looks like you snagged a good price. :+1:

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Yeah that antutu benchmark is a beast. Apple does a really good job with it’s hardware. It’s just that their operating system is so lock down you’re limited in customizations.

Earlier this year I decided to switch to an iphone since all the cool kids had one :rofl:…after one day I returned it and got my samsung android back. I told the kid that none of my apps worked on that piece of %$^**… he said I figured you would be back :joy:


Yeah my Nvidia Shield is still top of the food chain but this apple device is giving it a run for it’s money. I may end up giving it to my son at some point but I’m having too much fun with it now.


I don’t go near anything apple. It’s an enclosed system that is not so user friendly in the cord cutter world. That’s my thoughts . Enjoy your new device :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:


I agree with you, I wouldn’t use an Apple even if I got one for free.


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