Third Party App Suspension

Welcome to this great place of information. The Shield is a great device with ease of use. I really like our Shield Pro.


I love them also I have 3 among other brands but I always go back to the shield dependable and easy to setup and use :v::grin:


I recently set up the onn. 4k box. I love it! Watched the Troypoint videos for setup and added additional storage. I got tired of Amazon’s shenanigans. $20 @ wally world. Non Amazon or non Google dosen’t leave you with many options.

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Have two of them and they are great. I expanded to memory on one that our Grandson uses via the @TROYPOINT video. Very easy to do. I just buy different boxes as a hobby and to play with

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The ONN is a basic box and good for the price. I set one up and it worked well, with only minor glitches. Certainly a good choice for basic streaming.

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