These Cable Companies Are Teaming Up to Sell a Streaming Box at Walmart

These Cable Companies Are Teaming Up to Sell a Streaming Box at Walmart – Review Geek

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I got that Flex streaming box free with a free year of Peacock for re-upping with Xfinity. The Peacock expires soon, and it didn’t work well anyway, since a sporting event or such that was popular completely bogged it down to unwatchable. The old movies on the free apps seem to work okay.

The box doesn’t mean squat if the programming still costs a fortune and doesn’t include the channels people actually want. Not sure if it’s more of a cable provider issue or a network issue.


I think its a marketing scheme. Xfinity most likely has millions of these flex boxes in cardboard boxes under the cash register that people have returned…and need to cash out :joy: … I for one have returned it everytime they have given me a “free” box when I learned that free yes, tax free NO…so off to the cardboard box it goes :rofl:

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Key word I picked up was, Xumo Stream Box. Why get their box just to get the Xumo content. When you can more easily just download the Xumo app from any store?

Xumo Play: Stream TV & Movies - Apps on Google Play

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comcast ownes xumo I believe, im sure it will be bundled. re-branded or something :crazy_face:

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I didn’t know that. That explains why the Xumo app sucks so much. I booted it up today from my play next row and it did not take me to the movie it was supposed to. So I decided I would just do a simple search for it. Nope, Xumo doesn’t have a search. About ready to uninstall that app because I am not going to waste a bunch of time scrolling through all their programming just to find one movie.

Typical proprietary o/s crap devices. I went through this with Roku and FireTV. Learned my lesson and moved on to better devices and freedom to get the apps I wanted a long time ago.


“tax free NO”. What does that mean exactly? Am I somehow paying a tax for this shatty free box?

Check your statement. If it was free I wouldnt have returned it even tho I didnt use it…but I found I was paying a monthly tax on the service and promptly gave it back so it could join its friends in the cardboard box under the cash register :face_with_monocle:

There are a lot of people who just want to watch TV without having to jump through the hoops that we don’t mind jumping through. Those boxes make sense for many people.

Honestly, accessing the content you want to watch is pretty clunky if you only use verified services. That’s a big reason that the techno-phobs (and some techies) hang on to their cable/satellite services.

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It’s like those infomercials. But wait, you can get a 2nd widget free! Just pay shipping and handling.

Xfinity has their new $20 Now TV service that includes Peacock premium and Xumo programming.
These boxes will likely be marketed toward that.

Bet you can’t sideload apps . Do you know if there’s any video reviews ?