The Portal addon

My Xenon Plus was acting a little sluggish so I decided to reinstall it. I reinstalled Kodi 19.4 and then proceeded to install the Diggz repo. When I got to the builds I noticed that Xenon Plus was no longer there so I installed Xenon v8.6.3. With the Xenon Plus I could fast forward and the time increments would be on the top so you know where you are in rewind or fast forward. That is gone. Also my favorite movie app, The Portal, is now gone. Does anyone know where I can install this app. I checked on the Troypoint website and nothing is listed for an install.
Thank You.

Are you talking about T2K Portal add on?

Thanks for your quick response.
I found what I was looking for in the Xenon build. It is under the Trakt section with a new icon and a slightly different name.

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Oh great, they love to change things! Have a good day

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