The players klub payment

i have been using the players klub for a while , i have no problem with the app. i usually get an e-mail when billing is due ,but have not received one for over a month, i also tried to log in to my account but it sends me to to sfu web page, any help would be appreciated

Try I was able to login recently and pay my invoice. I just logged in to verify and had no issues.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “dashboard.”

it says i dont owe any thing,dont get it,but thank’s

they are extending it till the 28 trouble with there payment plan

Just open a ticket with them and they’ll send you a bill.

I can’t get TPK at all and haven’t been able to get any streams from them (UK anyway). I did’t renew my subscription as i raised a ticket with them which they did not respond to.

My invoice was due around the 9th of the month of October but I have not been able to pay because there was no way to pay the invoice. I have sent in tickets and they said they were working on it and not to worry. I noticed that after a few days my account said cancelled but they still said not to worry about it. I have not been able to use the service either as it just buffers or it says pick another video. Now when I try to log in to my account the page says “error 521” I am wondering if they dropped me or if this is what others are getting. I need to know if I should look for another service or if I am still with TPK. it is hard to tell. I always paid on time when I could pay the invoice but when I could not pay, it was always a problem on their end so I hope they did not drop me. :worried:

I am having the same issues. No response after I put a trouble ticket. I was paid up until Dec not sue what is going on.