The Players Klub, new website address

Does anyone have the new website address? I have been trying to contact TPK, but the old site tells me there is a new one–check my spam or email–I haven’t gotten anything!!!

Do you check their DISCHORD page? That’s where you’ll get your answers. I’m still on Mint Panel and believe the new one is something like “topdog VPN.”

Not quite sure though if you mean the portal URL for M3U since both Mint Panel and TopDog VPN are around. Good luck.

oh, things change so fast that on DISCHORD I found out their new site replacing MINT PANEL is


Thank you for the info!!!
How can I gain access to the Discord group?

Thanks, I’ll try it and see if it works for me.

You are not alone
The other day after not getting it to work or an email (I haven’t gotten emails from them for some time. Not even invoices for due renewals), I did a Bing search and got the following
When I tried to sign in to may account it did NOT recognize me.
I did a Register so that I could get a Ticket to them. Have not gotten a response as of this posting.

I did go to the site that e.nexpose.a suggested and that didn’t get me anywhere and it doesn’t even look like an official site. The site above looks like the real thing.

not the discord chanel. just the app
need invite code

I put in a ticket (on their new site) due to not getting TPK to work–I went in this morning to check on the ticket–it had been cancelled. They cashed the money that I paid for this month’s invoice–but they are not doing anything to help us out! I never got a notice stating they were moving thier site.
Thank-you for all you help!

How do we go about getting an invite code–do you know and can you share?

I love Troypoing for the fact that he gives step by step tutorial on how to delete or add.
I got this email from the “new” site for TPK. I don’t have the faintest idea how to do what they are telling me to do–HELP!!!
This is the reply that I got:
This ticket is closed. You may reply to this ticket to reopen it.


Monday, October 28th, 2019 (01:49)



The only way to stream our service on Android/FIRE right now is by using TPK Player v3 or v3.1, v4 (you must uninstall the version you have now and download the new version of v4) or our new app Game Master X.
Please clear DATA for the app and log in again

The KODI app has updated to version 4.9
You must log out of the add on and update by clicking install from zip inside of KODI.

The url has changed for iphone, it is now
For those using a m3u url for apps such as Perfect Player or TiviMate, change to

The stb portal address is

Webplayer URL:


Have you ensured your address and name are the same on both this site and your card?
We are accepting ONLY VISA and MASTERCARD at this time.
Try using a desktop to access and pay, as well as do not save your card information and make sure the box is unchecked.
Be sure the card you are using allows international transactions or you may need to contact your bank.
We are now accepting payments by Mastercard and Visa, you will need to ensure you are staying on the page to ensure your payment is not declined due to security protocols.


If you see a section not mentioned below, that means it has dropped and will not be coming back. Our current line up is USA, CANADIAN, LATINO and 24/7.

If your issue is still not resolved, please reply to this service ticket again and a staff member will promptly resolve your issue(s).
Active Service Account(s)

TOPDOGVPN is now -
MintPanel is now -

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Thanks for the info. I finally got the to work for me.
Found that the web site looks best using Google Chrome. On Ms Edge it still works but doesn’t have a very professional look to it.
Can’t thank you enough for the info. I was going to let my account go dormant since I would not be able to pay for my services.

ignore this. Use the site. Use Google Chrome as the web site looks and acts better than when using Ms Edge.
Thanks to dnoson I got to my account using this site.

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try I believe Topdog took over TPK… I am using it…works great…I think the website is a little confusing but I finally worked thru it