The old Task Killer

Where can I find the version of Task Killer that used to be on the rapid installer?? It was taken off for the Task Killer that is on there now. Even though it wasn’t made for the streaming boxes it worked well for freeing up memory. Thanks in advance
Attached is a picture of the apps icon image|100x100

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Here you go.

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Thank you, but I already tried that one. The version that was on the TROYPOINT app was older I think and was easier to use with a remote. I can’t get this one to work

There is one on The Rapid App Installer…Troy recommends to use this one now.

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Not to be a nay sayer but this article may change some minds. For a long time I’ve been saying that Fast Task Killer does not help my 4K firestick and I uninstalled it. Now an article explaining my personal findings has been published. This is an excellent read. Oh and it contains a link to an app that shows you exactly what apps are using how many CPU cycles.


Good article…Thank You…

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