The new upgrade for teatv

I am having trouble installing the new upgrade for teatv

What device are you using?

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I am using Amazon fire stick 4


Okay a little more info please. Are you trying to do a fresh install of Teatv? Here’s a tutorial for installation if that’s what you are looking for.

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I have been using Teatv, recently it provided an upgrade, every time I go to download the upgrade, the download fails. I have tried it a number of times.


The link above is from there official website so it should be the latest version there. Also if it works don 't upgrade. Just a thought


This cracked me up (on their website):

3. Is TeaTV safe to use?

  • Absolutely FREE with NO login required.
  • Doesn’t show any illegal pirated content.
  • Make your experience more enjoyable by integrating both a Real-debrid ( It will provide you with numerous links in 720 and even 1080p High Definition) and account ( This feature can sync your favorite content across multiple platforms ) within the app.
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I had to download from their official site to the newest version and it took care of that problem

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Here is the tutorial for this app. Install TeaTV on Firestick/Android for Free Streams (Sept 2022) ( In case you want to do a fresh install. What problem specifically are you having?


Thats correct. Use the downloader app and update from teatv its simple and quick

Tried new update. Added ads. Replaced with similar in Unlinked.

I even loaded an ad free mod, but I believe the ads are coming in T-player. Easy to get out of them, just hit the return key on your remote and uou’re back to what you were watching. Just a small annoyance. One way around it, use Stremio, no ads ever and never has been.

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Yes I would echo@Miki statements.

I used a Sept.18 v.10.5.0r(Ad-Free-NFU) from Unlinked Top Android APKs 9690000. Mostly use default player or external (may be MX). Have acquired Real-Debrid. Have not seen any ads.

The latest TeaTV has eliminated the ability to choos an external player.

I hear you RockyD, I have the same issue. I have TeaTV loaded on 4k and Non 4K firestick. When I go to the app. it prompts for update or cancel. I selected update and then it downloads to 100% but then does not offer installation option. I like you tried several times and the same thing happend so I just select cancel when prompted now.

I saw a link to go to. Not sure how that would work on my fierestick going to the site. I don’t wnat a new install becasue I lose my watchlist.