The Magic Dragon

I have viewed where the video add-on, The Magic Dragon, can be installed directly to kodi. My question is, can I download a second version of kodi to my device(mecool) w/o having to lose the present kodi/ build I have installed? Very curious!


Hello @LarryD113 that is what the TROYPOINT Fork is for. You can get it through the TROYPOINT App by way of the Rapid App Installer. This allows you to install 2 instances of Kodi on same device.


Thx for the reply. Now, do I have to completely Uninstaller what I’m running too add another version of kodi? This is where I get confused! TIA!

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BTW is there a stand-alone app for troypoint insider? Just curious! Thx :slight_smile: ))

Hello @LarryD113 you can keep your current Kodi installed. Then, just fire up the Rapid App Installer and install the Kodi 19 Fork. I will try to get an updated fork in there for 19.3 sometime when time permits. There is no standalone app for the Insider but you can simply make a shortcut for it on your home screen of your phone and that’s what I do.


Hey Jimbo and ALL. I am still delighted to be a member of this group. I do hope everyone is continuing to stay safe during these awful times. We have started to have a set of guests for a night or two over the weekend. We still continue to don our masks around each other. A little weird but so much safer(we’re hoping). Had our booster shots on Friday. Arm is sore as heck but bearable! Enjoy ALL! Family is important!

I’m still struggling with how to reply from my email. Each attempt has came with errors. Tomorrow is Monday! Does that help, LOL :laughing:: :wink:

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I just have it in “bookmarks” in my browser. Open browser, open bookmarks, Click Insider. And awaaaay we go.
Merry Christmas. Have fun and STREAM ON.

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Thanks for your input. I’m hoping I got the forum installed finally.

“Long live communication”

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I guess my hope of reuniting w/themagicdragon is long-gone? I used the (https%$#@!) Installation packet and ended up with metv. It looked nice but no dragon! Maybe its creators will bring it again just coz’ my heart is aching :broken_heart: :weary: LOL ;))

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