The Ease of Buying Pirate Streaming Devices & Legal Issues

Originally published at: The Ease of Buying Pirate Streaming Devices & Legal Issues

In today’s digital landscape, obtaining a pirate streaming device with a built-in IPTV subscription is surprisingly straightforward. These devices, which offer thousands of TV channels, pay-per-view events, video-on-demand, and even catch-up TV, are readily available through major online retailers like Amazon. Devices such as Tanggula, vSeeBox, and Superbox are marketed with the convenience of next-day…


Amazingly no action against the retail platforms - Facebook / Amazon

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Unless sellers are trafficking humans or selling kiddy porn (which are obvious), it’s not the retail platform’s job to police whether products are legal, legit, or functional.


I’m still sad to this day a legit service like Locast was shutdown. A lot of cable subscribers have cable because they live in areas (like we do) where free antenna TV can’t reach. There is zero incentive to fix the problem because cable companies get to cash in on ppl who pay ridiculous fees for “basic” cable (when they shouldn’t be).

While I realize the IPTV offering in this lawsuit is much broader than just antenna TV - it points to the problem of ppl not wanting to pay what cable companies charge.

Locast is a good example of a service that was worth more than what they were asking. We would have been happy to pay 2-4x its $5/month cost if cable companies didn’t get so greedy & paying lawyers to sift through fine print. What is more annoying is the “law” didn’t recognize the need being fulfilled & order a different course of action to solve the real problem of giving citizens access to free TV as intended.

A big shout to all the IT technicians who got Locast infrastructure up & running. I’m sure it was a lot of work & it’s sad all of it just went into the ethers.

ok- I’m getting off my soapbox now.

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Kind of reminds me of the guy who uses his own car as a getaway car a bank robbery.! LOL. :rofl::rofl::sunglasses: