The crew sports

I have tried several times to install the crew sports but am unable to do so. I followed Troy Point to the t but they all failed. Does anyone know why?

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I’m not sure how old Troy’s Guide is but the issue may be that the Crew Sports was integrated into The Crew some time ago so it’s no longer a standalone Addon. The Crew IPTV Section (including Sports Channels) used to be really good about a year or so ago but now not so much



The crew sports is maintained by others and not troypoint, id suggest running mad titan. There is a guide for it.


This is the link i use which always works.

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Does Mad Titan Sports work with Real-Debrid?

Mad titan plays live TV. Channels and sports. Real-Debrid serves up VOD.

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Thank you my friend, I kinda figured that

Thank you I will give mad titan a look see.

That is the same link that I tried but it did not work. Thanks

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