The Crew Searches

Is there any way to get The Crew / Kodi to broaden out searches? I search for shows that I know are out there and come up with no results. They might be obscure shows…hunting…fishing…outdoor type shows. Maybe setup to use additional scrappers?


The crews scrapper is pretty good but free sources are disappearing.

Your best bet is to get a real debrid account you will see a huge increase in options. I don’t think you can add another scrapper to the crew.

I have Real Debrid…get plenty of sources to stream. The initial search dosen’t return the shows to pick to stream. Thought there might be a way to throw a wider net.

Just curious…thought I would throw it out there…

I think you’ve asked this before, and the shows were pretty obscure. The thing to keep in mind is that in order to find those shows, someone else has to be interested enough and have the motivation to upload them to a server. And if you can’t find it on a paid service like real debrid, you certainly aren’t finding it anywhere for free.

The only thing you can do in your settings is to make sure your provider time out is as high as it can go if you use that. But if you use preemptive termination I think it will just continue searching until it’s checked every source. If the search stops and there are no results then there’s nothing on the servers. The only wider net you can cast is subscribing to another megahoster like All Debrid or one of the others and hoping you can find it on there. But I still think it’s very unlikely.


@Jayhawks659 Your right…think I did ask you before…to much partying in my younger days :beer:. Sorry about that. Deja vu all over again.

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