The Crew Repository Not Working

Just this week, inside the Crew Repository…some of the addons like the Crew, Homelander and others when trying to access movies and tv shows comes up with no information listings. The strange thing some of the other addons in the repository is working like always. Anybody else having the same problems??

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Do you think this is pertaining to my problem as listed in my post? I loaded and reloaded, with a build, without a build and turned off the VPN as well as connected with the VPN from another country. No results. Just have to wait it out and see what develops as the problem.
Thanks for your reply.

I’m no expert but it sounds like this maybe related. I think it has something to do with the movie database needing to be fixed. I’ve had similar issues on different addons lately where I click on a movie tile in my build it won’t do anything but it I go in the addon find the same movie and it plays fine.

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Same thing on Scrubsv2 nothing on the IMBD search for movies or TV shows, yet TMBd is working.

It’s been going on for a while now. Some add-ons seem good while others not working very well. Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon. Luffy, Zorro and Chains Reaction seem to be working.

Not affecting me at all using The Crew and 9Lives. All my shows/movies are added in Trakt Tv and into KODI via the Cloud. I don’t need to click on any of those menu’s that may be broken due to the TMDB issue. Everything I want to watch is working as it always has