The Crew not working

The Crew will not play any TV or Movies. KODI reinstalled and The Crew reinstalled.

Have you setup real debrid

What do you mean isn’t working?

Little vague. Could you explain a little more as it could be a number of things.

Real debrid is very useful but not the number one reason.

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I do not have Real DEBRID. I go into The Crew. I go TV Shows. I go to Networks and select any network and click. Nothing happens. No shows appear. Other areas bring up a season of episodes, but no steams.
I go to movies and select a movie (like (SkyFall), it show 20 links, but each one says no streams.

If I need Real DebRid, How do I get it?

Well I just took off my real debrid and used the free version of the crew and everything is working.

Tried a few shows the free links loaded.

maybe the show you are looking for doesn’t have streams.

Try looking for the TV show in search and try that way and avoid networks.

I would get a real debrid account. It’s 6 Canadian for 30 days.

It pulls links like normal but add a whole walk.more links. Premium links. You will get way more acces to movies and shows.

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