The crew no streams

Hi hopefully you all are keeping well
I wonder if anyone can help me
The crew addon doesn’t seem
To be working correctly
I find the film/series I want
Click on it all is fine
Until all the streams are
On the screen
I click on one and it just keeps scrolling through
Then says no streams
Can anyone help thanks


Do you have a real debrid? Otherwise free streams come and go.

Hi yes I have real debrid
All up to date
And I don’t think I changed any settings

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Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account
Delete your devices in real debrid and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.

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Ok thanks how do I do
That thanks

Go to your RD account online. Click on the devices column, delete The Crew. Then, goto The Crew in Kodi and authorize.

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I am having this same issue. My rd is up to date and have only had the crew installed a few days. It will show 400 links but nothing will play. It always says no streams available

Some movies/shows have old, dead stream links. The addon will just scroll through all the streams until it finds a live one (or not). What movie/shows are you trying to get?

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The Crew add-on had no streaming few hours ago, but now is working.

I use the Crew thru the fast Kodi setup I installed a few months back. It was something JayHawke did. It works very well and I get tons of sources. This is a setup that uses the Crew only, no other addons. Works perfect for me

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What is the fast kodi setup for crew?