The Crew: No Stream available

I’m getting a “no stream available” error only on one show. Other shows are finding plenty of streams. I used to watch this show on The Crew but now it isn’t getting any streams for some reason. Does some shows stop getting streamed or something?

Hi @EyeClarke2465
So about the only reason i can think of to explain this, is if the episode hasn’t aired yet or the movie hasn’t been released yet.
I only say that because you state it is only happening to this particular show.
Others may have a different take on this.

So let us know if it starts occurring more frequently.


BTW - you’re heading indicated that you aren’t getting any streams on both Seren and the Crew.
I am watching something using Seren now, and have plenty of streams to choose from.

It happens with every episode in the series. Previously I have never had any problems with it. Every other show works perfectly fine though.

So it’s just that one show? It doesn’t effect any other show?
Are you connected to a VPN?
If so, maybe when wanting to watch that particular show, change your server on your VPN to another server and see if that helps.

Yeah it’s just the one show. Every other show I tried worked no problem. Unfortunately, switching VPN servers did not fix the problem

Try this tutorial from Troy at Troypoint:

I’ve tried everything. It must be something wrong with just that one show because everything else works fine. It’s okay though. There’s other ways to watch the show.

Which show are you referring to?


And it won’t be posted here. You can pm for that.


The same thing happened to us with the newest episode of the cowboy show we watch. We tried watching it the day it came out, but there were no streams available, anywhere. The next day, once it had been released to the station’s streaming app, it was available to watch. If the newest episode still isn’t available the day after the TV release date (once it’s available on the app), then I don’t have an answer. Sorry.

This is basically what I said. We always check back the next day, once it’s been released to the streaming app. They’re usually available then.

Oh yeah this isn’t the problem. No episode from the entire series has a stream available, but any other show I try to watch besides that one has plenty of streams.

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Huh. Interesting. Have you tried other services not connected to Kodi? Standalones, like Cinema or Cyberflix? That has corrected the issue for us in the past. For whatever reason, Kodi doesn’t have it but another streaming service will.

Yes I was able to watch it on another streaming service