The Crew Kodi 18.9 no streams

Hi there. I read that I need the 18.9 version? Only one repository version comes up. Everything loads, but no streams. Am I missing something or need to upgrade to Kodi 19.4? Thanks.


Do you have a real debrid? Free streams will come and go, the crew works best with real debrid. I would use the search function more thia topic comes up so often.

No, I don’t. It won’t work without Read Debrid?

I use Kodi 18.9 with The Crew and Real-Debrid and I use it daily. I get hundreds of streams for anything I want to watch. So, I am not sure what is going on with your device. What device are you using, and what have you installed? Do you have real-debrid? Just need a bit more information.

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Firestick 4k, Kodi 18.9 and no real debrid. The crew is there, but no streams.


As i said, you wont get alot of free content, if you want all free switch to stremio. Or spend the 5 bucks get realdebrid and have it all. Crew works without real debrid biut wont get alot of streams.

Use the search funtion at the top right screen you will see lots of info on it. :slight_smile:


Some folks are using older addons (like Exodus/Redux) that only work with Kodi 18.x
But the Crew seems to work OK for me - plenty of free and paid streams.

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