The crew addon not giving resume option

Awe @Miki where’s the Love…I thought you came back to the Dark side with KODI and Trakt! :grinning: :joy:

Hey you gave me trakt so I give ya two thumbs up for that. Kodi, well I forgive ya. :joy: Hey I definitely see the appeal, but it’s just not my thing.

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Just had supper with the wife and I can’t always get her to agree with me but I shared this thread with her and she actually agrees a lot with me but said I could probably go “double di*k” on this one.:joy:



Dont worry. He confused me yesterday too with the new avatar.

He went from “Red Sawx” to “Green Monstah”. :rofl:

And while i am here @Greatstuff, Troy has a list of Builds he recommends. Dont go by the rankings but how you like it as well. Each one can offer you different options, looks and navigation. Once you get the hang of loading them you can try different ones.

But I’ll always recommend the Diggz Xenon build.


@JPM69 thanks so much. So 1 question if I install diggz xenon build and The Crew add on. Will I be able to resume shows and movies if I pause them and come back later or the next day? I would love to have the ability to resume. I had it on my last Kodi awhile back it was version 18.6 I think. Don’t remember the build or add on I had running. Or maybe I should use a different add on other than the crew? I get lost in all the choices.

Yes there are a lot of choices. A good thing but can get overwhelming.

The Crew is still functioning but to me a little outdated.

Some of us here will recommend Umbrella as the “go to” addon right now. You can use it with or without a build. And it will keep track of your progress without using Trakt. I tested it for you and it worked. Just remeber to go to setting and then Playback and select Resume playback.

If you want to try the Xenon build, it will come pre-installed with Umbrella and Fen i beleive. Others are literally just one click away in the Debrid/trakt login setting. There are about 10 others you can add from there.

All the “extras” that you have to do on your own to get an addon working should already be done for you.

There are people and threads here to help you with any addon or build you might use. Just ask…But search TP first. :grin: