The Crew add-on question

My query is a simple question & answer BUT im having a senior moment :blush:
I’ve set up kodi with the Crew build and the person who now owns the firestick asks
" where do i the porn in the listings ? " does anybody have the answer so that i might pass it along

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Lol seriously? Its been talked about. Password is lol and reset kodi

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Before i posted i did a search on where or how a d the only thing it showed was where it resides in the crew download have looked at all tabs does not have a listing, BUT thanks for nothing

Thanks for nothing??? @TP-Dracoo gave you the password. It actually is “lol” minus the quotes.

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The crews adult section has always been lol… how was it thanks for nothing?


:sunglasses: read the response again! There’s a few simple steps to get you where you want to be…lol is one of them :+1:


Sorry people i must be missing something
I now understand the LOL thing BUT they have not been asked for a password on any tabs i did the syick for another party and have been bending over backwards to help

Open Kodi settings, click on navigation and enter lol for adult password (highlighted pink).


We myself and person that is not finding the navigation button, think i .yself am gonna bow out graciously and say you figure this issue

It’s in the crews settings not kodi main menu. Please do some research.

Thanks for the help sent instructions to the person they say they found the navigation tab in crew BUT was also td by someone it was in kodi thats what picture was showing

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