The Chosen app. Google play?

Hi, relatively new here. I had The Chosen app on my Firestick, but the episodes were blurry on my 70” TV (pixels?). No other shows or movies I watch are blurry. I restarted my Firestick. I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall through downloader, but Google Play halted that. I also opened it in KODI, same. From my phone, I tried sending episodes from my The Chosen app and that got me nowhere. I’m not sure where it would open anyway. Kodi? My last try was downloading the Angel Studios app. They produce The Chosen. The picture was good, but it had what I would call a quick stop and go action. Feeling defeated, help!

Just looked and the chosen app is on Google play store, so just download direct to stick. No need to sideload

Just checked, season 1 is on Tubi. 100% free and legal. It’s on several other free and legal services. Use an app like ReelGood to search for them. It’s also on Stremio, 2 seasons.

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