The bikeriders, austin butler

What a waste of 2 hours! Boring movie! Austin Butler might of just ruined his career on this one!


WOW! Lot’s of hype on this movie. They are painting it as the Goodfellas of Bike Gangs. I’ll still check it out but if something sucks I usually bail fast!


well that sucks to hear.I swear seems like every movie made anymore isn’t worth watching.


Yeah, it was pretty bad. Austin Butler only had a few lines and most of the time he spent in the movie was standing around looking pouty.

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lol it was so boring I fell asleep a total waste no worth watching

Hollywood is making crappy movies these days. I’d rather watch documentary or read a book. They’ve run out of new ideas. It’s sad.

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Are we not so happy no money wasted! Other than our time lol

The movie was terrible and so was the acting

two flat tyres :rofl:

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And that, my friends, is why I watch very few domestically produced movies/tv series, etc. I went international when the pandemic hit and have been very happy since. Cheers!

I had this movie in my watch list…not wasting my time with it thanks to all the reviews here :wink:


Worst movie I ever saw. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a -10